Ready to create an irresistible on-demand sales

machine but need help getting it off the ground in 2021?

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Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar is a 12 Week, Step-by-Step ‘Done Together’ Live Experience That Helps You Create Evergreen Profitable On-Demand Webinar Campaigns That Sell Your Digital Products

   W A R N I N G

Before you read this sales page:

We wouldn't be responsible business owners 

if we didn't first issue a warning...

Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar requires YOU to show up in a way

that 90% of other programs don't. 

This is a live coaching experience for a set period of time.

It's not a course. 

It's our answer to the chronic and pervasive over-learning problem we see in this industry. 

Proceed with caution, as enrolling in Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar

will break the procrastination cycle.

let's address the elephant in the room...



It could be an idea that never turned into anything...


​You think webinars are dead, overdone, or not for you...


You don't see how a webinar style funnel would work for your business...

And for those of you who have tried launching a webinar to disappointing numbers,

it feels even more hopeless. 

Failure hangs over your head every time you contemplate trying again.

With about 80% accuracy, we can easily spot why someone hasn't launched.

Or, if they have, we can spot why it didn't go well.


magical super power?

No. The fact of the matter is, the game of online marketing isn't shrouded in secrecy. We don't have some magic pill or bullet that others don't.

We just have YEARS of experience with hundreds of customers to spot the most common patterns that accompany failed webinar launches (or none at all). 

Here’s Why Most Webinars Fail:

Reason One

People think they are simply selling "information" and so they design everything with that faulty foundation in mind

Reason TWO

People have mismanaged expectations about what it really takes to hit those critical numbers (5-figure funnel, 6-figure funnel, 7-figure funnel).

Reason THREE

People don't understand the real true purpose of a webinar and so they don't create it with the right foundation or strategy and it never goes anywhere.

Reason FOUR

People underestimate the skill involved with doing a sales presentation and spend more of their time on the bells + whistles than the actual meat that goes inside the webinar itself.

Reason five

People spend all kinds of time and money on all the wrong stuff. Like to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars.

Reason six

People try to build their launch by simply mimicking someone else's, without understanding the strategy going on behind the scenes.

Reason seven

People don't understand what to give away for free, vs. what to sell inside their program, so they starve their followers thinking it'll produce sales and it doesn't.

Reason eight

People get the curse of genius. They think and obsess too much about what their program is going to do vs. getting in the mind of the customer.

And of course, this doesn't even address

the mindset issues around selling through webinars...

No one worries about mindset because the majority of people think

a tactic is going to save them.

It isn't until they ask someone to diagnose their failed funnel when they see...

about 90% of it

was related to something you believed 

about yourself, your product, or the market. 


But Here’s the Good News...


      If you're reading this right now and have thought...



We won't hold back any punches, try to convince you to do something 

you're not ready to do, or use any slimy marketing tactic to trick you.

You hold the key.

We’re just going to help you find the right door.

How This Works

This live program will help you sell—even when you aren't actually selling—using proven launch strategies. This works whether:

  • You’re selling a digital course, a membership site, or a coaching program.

  • You have a tiny list or NO list (fact: our most successful students start with zero list).

  • You use organic or paid traffic.

  • You’re launching your first or 50th digital offer.

Over the last two years, we’ve had thousands of our students implement these doable strategies and yield profitable results, not to mention the results we’ve had in our own business too! 

We’ve tested and perfected the launch process to make sure what you’re getting access to is fully optimized for your launch success. 

FACT: Our last launch yielded over $125,000 in sales in just 7 days, on a $197 product!

PSA: Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar is NOT an online course.

This is a 12-week live, outcome-focused “done together” program and digital asset bundle where you come in with the offer you’ll create and walk away with a fully outlined, ready-to-deploy profitable evergreen on-demand webinar presentation by July 2021.

Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar

is divided up into six phases.

These phases are two week stretches of time with clear steps and action 

items that help propel you forward. There's a reason for each phase, and 

they are done in this order with a purpose.

We know that...

So we've curated the information, the steps, and the daily assignments to maximize your momentum. 

We know the parts of webinar creation that are fun.

We know the parts that aren't.
To that end, we've created as many shortcuts as we could for the sake of momentum.

We've boiled down all the fluff to the minimal viable action you must take. 

We've done it all while still helping you learn how to strengthen your "webinarizing" muscles so you can do it again and again once you're finished doing it first with us.

This is essentially Launch Gorgeous.

Julie has given you her entire playbook of hook + story angles, her sales copy tricks, as well as her knowledge with Facebook Ads, funnels, publishing strategy, and more. There's not a launch question she can't answer definitively, and with daily support in the Facebook group, you won't be left hanging.
Cathy has designed EVERY possible asset you will ever need for your launch, including logos, lead magnets, ad templates, promotional graphics, worksheets, funnels, and more. Not only that, she gives you real time feedback and help when you're stuck.

All wrapped up in a supportive and accountable environment for 12 weeks.

You'll be instructed on what to do EACH day. 

By the end, you'll have completed your on-demand webinar.

That's right. We'll take you from zero to WEBINAR ON.

here's how we'll get you


As with all our products, during each phase you’ll get an all-meat, no-fluff training, homework assignments, and our signature shortcuts that ensure you are READY to open that registration page and launch your webinar. This program is structured to give you day by day support so that you're not just learning, but taking action!

Your Offer

Phase 1 - Your Offer

A great offer is the difference getting a flurry of payment notifications while you're sleeping, OR laying awake incessantly worrying “is my offer good enough?”. (Trust us, you don’t want that.)

Kick it off with confidence when you do one of two things in this phase:

  1. Construct an irresistible offer from scratch
  2. Improve an existing offer so compelling prospects can’t say no


You'll have your offer, your unique selling proposition, and brand style dialed in.

Your Message

Phase 2 - Your Message

In Phase 2 we'll help you dial in your hook, presentation idea, and sales message. Some of this work is hard even for the experts, so we'll take you by the hand and give you all our hacks that work - even if it's your first time!

Come away with:

  1. Sales message dialed in
  2. Hook and big idea for your on demand webinar


You'll have mastered the Sales Argument - the piece that wins over your ideal customers.

Your Funnel

Phase 3 - Your Funnel

During Phase 3, we'll make the funnel building process easier than it's EVER been. Imagine all your automations, emails, pages preloaded, with premium support to make sure your account is setup. That's what we'll do for each student.

Come away with:

  • Fully built out funnel
  • All your automations + follow up customized for your audience


Your entire on-demand webinar funnel will be created, hooked up, and ready for it's close-up.

Your Presentation

Phase 4 - Your Presentation

By this point you'll be in such flow + momentum from the way we've crafted your to do list, getting the presentation finished will not feel so hard. Not only that, but we'll ensure you have the accountability + expertise to get a presentation done that sounds and feels like YOU. No shower needed.

Come away with:

  • Your presentation complete
  • Feeling good that you've built something you're proud of


You will have finished the most crucial make-it-or-break-it step; you'll have your presentation written.

Your Material

Phase 5 - Your Material

Baked into our 12 week program are two solid weeks just to take your marketing hat off for a minute and make sure your program you're selling is something to be proud of.

Come away with:

  • A clear, organized, program and on boarding process
  • All your content ready to go for your first (or 100th) student


You will have your program all set up, uploaded and ready to welcome happy students into.

Your Traffic

Phase 6 - Your Traffic

With your sales funnel + on demand webinar complete, we'll spend two weeks diving into the numerous traffic sources you can tap into, yes even ones that do not include ads.

Come away with:

  • A plan for how you're going to get your first or next 10 students
  • A realistic strategy for how to use this sales asset in your business over the next 12-18 months


You'll have CUSTOMERS! Your On-Demand Webinar will be blasted off and sales will be coming in.

it's time to


Here’s How You’ll Master All The Above…

Each Phase Comes With

Trainings + Strategy



Assignments + Shortcuts


Help + Time To


We’re going to begin LIVE April 19th, which means if you had plans to roll out an On-Demand Webinar this summer... this is YOUR MOMENT. 

April 19th

Your Offer

May 3rd

Your Message

May 17th

Your Funnel

May 31st

Your Presentation

June 14th

Your Material

June 28th

Your Traffic

for each live training


  • A laser-focused OUTCOME for each phase.

  • Strategic and tactical training on what, why, and most

  • Our signature trademark bundle of swipe, shortcuts, and files that will make getting your assignments done FAST.

  • Clear instructions on what to do so you’re not lost, confused, or unsure!

We intentionally give you two weeks to complete each phase so you have time to finish, but not so much time that you are susceptible to shiny object syndrome and procrastination.

We know this works, because we’ve done it over and over—with repeatable success for ourselves and our customers.

*Don’t worry! Everything is recorded and YOURS, so even if you miss a session or get behind, you'll have access to the material!

You're Now Entering a NO EXCUSE Zone...

But I'm Not Good At Writing Copy!!!

But I'm Not Sure I Can Sell My Advice In A Course!!

But My List Is Tiny!

I'm Doomed To Procrastination Because I STILL Haven't Launched After Spending Thousands In Programs...

But I'm Not A Good Designer...

I'm Tired of Programs That Leave Me To My Own Devices...


Some Exciting Bonuses


and bottom line


BONUS 1: 12 Weeks of Q&A from Julie + Cathy

Unlike other programs that farm off coaching to others, we'll be live once a week to personally answer every question that comes in.


BONUS 2: Fully functioning On demand webinar funnel (Value $5000)

Our team has built a fully functioning webinar funnel, with all the automations and copy built right in, that we will load into your FG Funnels account for you.

Simply customize the copy + design, and that's it. Plus we'll make sure you have front of the line access to our support team if you get stuck!


BONUS 3: Funnel Gorgeous cash (value $500)

Don’t let a lack of design skills or hiring expensive graphic designers delay or kill your launches. 

Now you can transform your launch assets into beautiful, on-brand, and profitable cashflow machines with: 

  • Hot-off-the-press, gorgeous presentation slide decks (includes strategic planning and writing your presentations)
  • Customizable launch funnel assets (read: waitlist page, landing page, lead magnets, sales page, etc.) 
  • Brand-envy social media graphic assets, ad templates, and logos.

Get up to $500 of free Funnel Gorgeous templates to use for whatever you need for your launch! 


BONUS 4: Pop Up Facebook Group (value $1000)

You know the adage "a rising tide lifts all boats"?

We couldn’t agree more, and that’s what we promise with our private, members-only FB Group.

This isn’t just a random “throw in” or a place for superficial rah-rah support.

It’s a curated community of highly engaged fellow launchers who can get even the most launch averse, tech averse, or copy averse entrepreneur(s) unstuck in a matter of minutes and propel them to action. 


BONUS 5: WEBINAR GORGEOUS Course (value $297)

We'll gift each Launch Gorgeous student with a copy of our best selling course - Webinar Gorgeous. Get it free when you join!

Inside of Webinar Gorgeous is our training on the Perfect 10 method plus three complimentary slide decks for you to use.


BONUS 6: 12 Weeks of mindset coaching with Nicole Mcdonough (value $5000)

No one ever thinks mindset is the reason things don't go as planned, except that it's literally 95% of the reason things don't go as planned.

Back by popular demand, we're bringing in Enneagram expert Nicole McDonough to do 12 mindset sessions on all kinds of classic issues such as procrastination, comparisonitis, perfectionism, and more.


BONUS 7: Black friday recordings from our Fall BFCM Launch Gorgeous Round

As one of our bonuses, we give you all the previous live trainings + Q&A's from the previous round in case you want to try a different style launch!

The BFCM round of Launch Gorgeous focused heavily on smaller offers so we're including this for you if you'd like to try a power or pressure launch as well!



BONUS 8: LG LITE - summer edition

Four weeks in August, we're going to do teach the low ticket paid workshop launch model (as requested). Because it's such a different animal than on demand webinars, we decided to make it it's very own bootcamp. All Launch Gorgeous students who purchase before Sunday night at midnight will get access to this bootcamp free.



Wear your launch proudly!

This round of Launch Gorgeous includes the brand new

"I Launched... and it Was Gorgeous!" zip-up white hoodie!

Six LIVE 'Done-Together' Phases With Training + Swipeables (value $6000)

All the Swipeables you need including:

• Trello Boards

• Swipe Copy

• Hook and Campaign Ideas

• Sample Subject Lines and more!

BONUS 1: Pop Up Facebook Group (value $1000)

BONUS 2: The Ultimate Funnel Gorgeous Backdoor Access! (value $500)

BONUS 3: 12 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions (value $2000)

Total Value = $9500

Future Price = $3000

Today’s Price = Only $1997

  • Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar

12 Weeks LIVE 'Done-Together' LIVE (Value $5,000)

  • Includes Core Training + Swipeables
  • Over The Shoulder Examples + Copy Prompts
  • Day By Day Homework + Weekly Accountability
  • ​2 Specific Webinar Types For You To Choose From
  • BONUS 1: 12 Weeks of LIVE Q&A's with Julie + Cathy (Value $1,000)
  • ​BONUS 2: Fully Built Webinar Funnel (Value $5,000)
  • BONUS 3: $500 Funnel Gorgeous Cash on Anything in Shop (Value $500)
  • BONUS 4: Pop Up Facebook™ Community (Value $500)
  • BONUS 5: Webinar Gorgeous Course (Value $300)
  • BONUS 6: 12 Weeks of Mindset Mindset Transformation via Enneagram (Value $5,000)
  • BONUS 7: Recordings, Replays From LG Black Friday Edition (Value $3,000)
  • ​​BONUS 8: Launch Gorgeous Lite: Paid Workshop Edition (Value $1,000)
  • BONUS 9: $1,000 OFF Full FG Society Certification (Value $1,000)
  • BONUS 10: "I Launched and it Was Gorgeous" White Zip-up Hoodie (Value $70)


Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar


  • Launch Gorgeous On-Demand Webinar

12 Weeks LIVE 'Done-Together' (Value $5,000)

  • Includes Core Training + Swipeables
  • Over The Shoulder Examples + Copy Prompts
  • Day By Day Homework + Weekly Accountability
  • ​2 Specific Webinar Types For You To Choose From
  • BONUS 1: 12 Weeks of LIVE Q&A's with Julie + Cathy (Value $1,000)
  • ​BONUS 2: Fully Built Webinar Funnel (Value $5,000)
  • BONUS 3: $500 Funnel Gorgeous Cash on Anything in Shop (Value $500)
  • BONUS 4: Pop Up Facebook™ Community (Value $500)
  • BONUS 5: Webinar Gorgeous Course (Value $300)
  • BONUS 6: 12 Weeks of Mindset Transformation via Enneagram (Value $5,000)
  • BONUS 7: Recordings, Replays From LG Black Friday Edition (Value $3,000)
  • BONUS 9: $1,000 OFF Full FG Society Certification (Value $1,000)

Total Value = $21,300

Regular Price = $4,997

Today's Price = $2997

(or 12 Payments of $297)

Take this...
To this...


 Extremely Limited Super Early-Bird Bonus

Only First (10) Purchasers of LG Spring Experience*

For the first 10 people, we are offering a never-offered-before Finishing Touch Bonus!

This means right before your launch, we'll send your funnel to the Launch Gorgeous team and they will spend up to 60 minutes putting the final touches on things like...

  • Spacing
  • ​Copy Layout
  • ​Copy Design
  • ​Visual Balance
  • ​Small Copy Tweaks
To add that extra level of professionalism to your design! 

*This bonus cannot be purchased later. 

**Only the very first 10 purchasers on Sunday night will receive this bonus. 

 24 hour limited fast-action Bonus

An Extra $250 Gorgeous Cash to Spend in Store

Every person who joins our Launch Gorgeous experience is given $500 Funnel Gorgeous cash. BUT... for the first 24 hours - you'll get an extra $250 cash to spend in our shop! That's a total of $750 Gorgeous Cash to grab every template you'll need.

An Extra $250

Gorgeous Cash


Here’s what some of our
amazing clients have been able to achieve
with Launch Gorgeous

Julia welcomed 100 students and made over $10k with a beta launch. A pleasant side effect? Her email list grew from 22 to 400+ and her social media following to 5k+. Today, her online course has trained more than 800 students, grossed over $700k in revenue, and is now converted into an “evergreen” offer.

Gregory is a Catholic therapist who launched (for the first time) a membership community called The Integrated life. His launch netted $55k in revenue and a recurring revenue totaling $22,500/month—with ZERO paid traffic.